Logistics Solutions Australasia

Our People

LSAust recognises that our greatest asset is our people. Our policy is to employ and retain highly motivated, skilled personnel who share your ethics, standards and values.

We also recognise that in order to realise goals, people need processes and procedures to achieve consistency, value and accountability. To optimise our effectiveness and provide you with the most efficient support, we have adopted the Logistic Solutions Australasia Quality Management System, which is an integral part of all aspects of our business.

All LSA personnel are qualified and trained professionals with experience as practitioners in their particular area of expertise. LSA personnel are fully aware of potential pitfalls and are able to provide you with timely identification and analysis of associated risks. We believe that understanding the technology of the system you are procuring provides a better perception of the complexity and unique requirements that ultimately affect the quality of your outcomes.

Our people are respected throughout the Defence community for their experience, knowledge, participation in, and contribution to, the Defence environment and the community and their personal and our corporate ethics. Our unique operating environment enables particular forms of interaction between our clients, their customers, the wider Defence community and ourselves.