Logistics Solutions Australasia


Our Goal is to advance and expand your business by way of teamwork, professionalism and consultation. To achieve effective outcomes, we know you expect excellence of service and a first-class product. We will strive to exceed your requirements and expectations and will maintain a consistently high and will continuously look to new innovations that can offer an improved quality of service.

We believe in achieving the right blend of knowledge, experience and intellectual effort at the start of a project is a spend-to-save measure that will pay you dividends in the long term. We fully understand that making the right decisions early in a project’s life cycle is critical, because it is those decisions that commit approximately 80% of the total cost of ownership.

We consider all aspects of your product acquisition or development, including capability, maintenance and management liability from conception right through to disposal. We focus on the rigorous analysis of options and trade-offs to provide you with a complete solution. The result is reduced cost of ownership, for both the capital equipment and its support environment. This means your equipment will still meet or exceed your availability and supportability requirements; yet cost you less, thus enabling greater profitability.

LSAust’s principal business is in the provision of professional services to privet industries and the Australian Department of Defence of new development and through life support. Some clients and projects that LSAust provides a wide range of services for are as follows:


  • Advanced Air Defence Simulator Air Defence Air Traffic System
  • Rheinmetall- MAN Military Vehicles, Australia
  • Airborne Self Protection
  • Short Range Air Defence Missile System (Land 19)
  • Navy Aviations Systems (Sea 1405)
  • Satellite Communications (JP2008)
  • Global Positioning System (JP5195)
  • Bulk Liquid Distribution (JP2059)
  • Deployable Hospital (JP2060)
  • Mine Warfare Command Support System (Sea 1297)
  • Weapon Locating Radar (Land 58)
  • Water Purification and Distribution Systems (JP 2059)
  • Airfield Rescue & Fire Fighting Vehicles (JP2095)
  • Deployed Medical Capability (JP 2060)
  • Joint Electronic Fuels Management
  • Canine Units (CA47)


  • SINGTEL Optus
  • PALL
  • Weatherhaven Australia
  • Tectonica Australia
  • Fabric Solutions Australasia
  • Ebsray Australia
  • Australian Aerospace
  • RLM (Lockheed Martin Tenix)
  • MTM Celsiunator
  • Department of Justice (Victoria)
  • JL Transport
  • SHELL Australia
  • Victorian Police
  • IBM Australia
  • Project Outcomes
  • RATHEON Australia
  • STAWELL Freighters
  • CODARRA Advanced Systems
  • PAXUS Australian Government
  • Melbourne Bureau of Meteorology

Monitoring Performance
As part of LSA quality processes, Client Surveys are sent after delivery of products and services and upon completion of contracts. These surveys are meant to gauge client satisfaction and allow clients to provide feedback on the deliverables, personnel and processes implemented to meet the contract requirements. This also allows LSA to identify opportunities to improve upon our product.
The client feedback process which LSA uses has a proven track record and is very successful in ensuring customer satisfaction. LSA takes pride in delivering the best outcome for our clients and uses client feedback to monitor our performance and continually improve processes and provide the very best value for money.
LSA receives back all Client Feedback forms provided to customers. The information is entered into a unique database for analysis. Comments indicate LSA is the preferred supplier of ILS and project management products and services.
The enclosed chart shows a pictorial representation/analysis of client feedback covering over 17 years of products and services provided by LSA to Defence and Industry, for project related activities, technical writing tasks, and ILS.
Statements from Client Surveys support our claim for producing quality outcomes. The following comments are indicative of the general responses from clients in Defence and Industry over the last 17 years.