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Project Management & Support

Our full range of project delivery and support services.

Your core business is your primary focus as your reputation depends on it. It is what you are best at and contributes most to your bottom line. As your product continues to develop and evolve to remain relevant in an ever-changing marketplace you may require additional Project Management personal to lead and document these changes.

It is not always possible or practical to undertake a significant program with your current company resources which is where LSAust can give you the flexibility and expertise you require to execute the program on your behalf.

LSAust can lead the program without your company committing valuable corporate personnel and resources, yet still keep control of the cost, quality and schedule of your project? Working closely with your development team you will you know that what you’re paying for is what you asked for, and what you asked for is what you really wanted in the first place.


We will introduce formal, rigorous, low risk project management, using best practice techniques and processes, leaving you free to get on with your business whilst knowing that your project is in capable hands. You receive full visibility of progress, assurance in respect of both the service you receive and the product being delivered; and you still maintain executive authority over your project. LSAust provide this service, either as a fully integrated part of your project team, or by providing the total project team.

Project Management and Support Services

Life Cycle Costing

  • developing life cycle cost models
  • the analysis of options for the cost to support capabilities
  • validation of models for the feasibility of cost, schedule and modelling assumptions
  • apply models to Defence

Cost Estimation and Validation

  • advice on the applicability of estimating techniques at various stages in the lifecycle.
  • developing accurate cost models and cost estimating relationships
  • preparation of cost estimates
  • reviews of cost estimates
  • determination of the risk level inherent in cost estimates developed and/or reviewed
  • presentation of estimates to independent reviewers and high level decision-makers.

Quality Management

  • integration of business management systems under a single assessment and management framework
  • provision of advice on the Quality Management System (QMS) certification processes
  • management of the business processes to ensure version control and prevention of the unintended use of obsolete processes
  • measurement, analysis and reporting of organisational health, suppliers, products and or services, including the collection and analysis of business metrics
  • development of business processes and business improvement proposals
  • initiation and implementation of improvements that enhance the organisation’s capabilities
  • development and provision of Quality plans

Project Management Support

  • Provision of specialist advice and/or direct support to executives, managers, and project staff
  • planning, scheduling and estimating of work to meet Commonwealth project requirements
  • advice on the application of the PM Methodology and knowledge areas
  • advice on tailoring the generic PRINCE2 ® methodology to specific Department of Defence PMMv2 requirements
  • preparation and delivery of presentations and briefings on PMMv2, PRINCE2 ® and the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK)
  • provision of mentoring advice and assistance to personnel, including assistance to project teams
  • provision of advice on the preparation of project documentation and/or assistance in the review and clearance processes for project documentation
  • provision of Project Management Plans
  • Demonstrations and presentations
  • Briefings

Data Management

  • provision of advice on and development of Technical data processes
  • development of Technical data processes
  • preparation of technical data plans and data management plans
  • development of physical Data Models and associated Data Dictionaries
  • maintenance and quality assurance of data records
  • development and maintenance of data accession lists
  • development and updating of databases such as Configuration Management Tool-Land (CMT-L) etc

Risk Management

  • provision of advice on risk management policy and procedures
  • conduct and facilitation of risk management workshops
  • facilitation and conduct of risk assessments including identification, communication and tracking major risks
  • development, management and evaluation of risk mitigation Strategies
  • preparation of risk management plans

Schedule Management

  • development and use of schedule elements to assist the organisation to adequately monitor and report on project cost and schedule progress, including:
  • development of master schedules
  • development of a Project Work Breakdown Structure (PWBS)
  • development of the supporting PWBS data dictionaries
  • integration of the overall project schedules including resource and cost data at a level to provide practical Earned Value Performance Measurement (EVPM).

Project Resource Management

  • mentoring, advice and assistance to Defence project management personnel and expert assistance to project teams in the use of scheduling tools and project reporting analysis, including:
  • provision of assistance to project staff in developing PWBS
  • assessing Contract Work Breakdown Structures (CWBS)
  • preparing and assessing work breakdown structure data dictionaries
  • provision of advice on work breakdown structure policy and the general application of Work Breakdown Structures in project management.