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Technical Documentation

Our full range of Technical Documentation and Illustration services.

LSAust has unparalleled experience and knowledge in the Production, Review, Editing, Updating and Configuration Management of technical manuals.

Our technical documentation staff have many years of practical experience in the creation of technical manual production. Our service includes the preparation and lay out of all technical illustration, graphic design work and associated images with the script.

Our documentation Technical Specialists and Engineers have the appropriate qualifications and experience to meet the competency levels set by the Technical Regulation Framework requirements of our clients and the Australian Defence Force to carry out this work

LSAust has an excellent knowledge of the policy, standards and procedures for the production and maintenance of documentation throughout the Military Materiel Cycle and also the ILS requirements of the privet sector.

Our technical documentation services include:

  • Technical Manuals
  • Technical Writing
  • Cataloguing and Codification
  • Logistic Engineering Tools
  • Author Training

Our technical documentation services include:
  • Technical Manuals
  • Technical Writing
  • Cataloguing and Codification
  • Logistic Engineering Tools
  • Author Training
Publications also includes all the feeder documentation such Manufacturers Maintenance manuals, Repair Parts Identification List, Manufacturers Recommended Spares List, Complete Equipment Schedule List, Long Lead Time Item List and Insurance Item List.

We also produce a full range of Integrated Logistic Support, and System Engineering documentation such as Integrated Logistic Support Plans (ILSP), Integrated Logistic Support Instructions (ILSI) and System Engineering Management Plans (SEMP) etc. LSA produces first class technical documentation that meets all of the quality criteria imposed by Defence and our Commercial customers.

LSA Technical Writers have the ability to apply specific qualified knowledge in Technical Writing to produce and amend documentation and publications to facilitate the formal approval process. LSA Technical Writers are able to make decisions, consult when required and provide recommendations and advice in specific specialty areas for the production of documentation.

LSA has over 40 permanent, full time employees all of whom have a technical maintenance, engineering background and includes ex Navy, Army and Air Force engineering staff. All LSA staff have tertiary technical/engineering qualifications, a Diploma or an Associate Diploma as a minimum.

LSA Technical Writers are highly qualified, experienced individuals who can operate independently or manage a team of technical documentation specialists. LSA employs ex-military SNCOs and Warrant Officers for their intimate knowledge and experience of Defence technical processes.

Technical Documentation and Authoring. LSA’s core business is in the provision of highly skilled technical practitioners to carry out technical writing, authoring, technical illustration and publication services to support equipment and systems throughout the capability life cycle.

LSA offers a turn-key solution for the production of technical documents from original authoring through to publication and includes authoring, preliminary design, detailed design, status audit, graphics and illustrations, amendments, configuration control, upgrades, editing and publication within the relevant technical regulatory framework.

LSA has the capability and experience in working within a Document Management System such as the TDMS and CSSSO DMS.

LSA Technical Writers are also proficient in the use of the ILSI, EMEI/UHB and CSSSO Word Author Tool template suites.

All LSA practitioners have Defence Restricted Network (DRN) access and access to the Military Integrated Logistics Information System (MILIS).

The following list comprises some of the Defence policy and documentation standards and procedures that LSA Technical Writers work to:

  • DEF (AUST) 5629B, Military Technical Manuals
  • Australian Defence Force Publication 102, Writing Standard
  • Style Manual (ISBN 0 7016 3648 3)
  • AAP 5030.001(CD) – Defence Aviation and Australian Air Publication Systems and Specifications Manual
  • AAP 7001.053 – Technical Airworthiness Management Manual
  • Technical Regulation of ADF Materiel Manual – Land
  • Electronic Supply Chain Manual
  • Defence Safety Manual
  • Defence Security Manual

The range of documents that LSA has produced is as follows:

  • Australian Air Publications
  • RAAF Point Cook Airfield Emergency Management Plan
  • Equipment User Handbooks
  • Technical Manuals
  • Operating Instructions
  • Maintenance Instructions
  • Repair Documentation
  • Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Instructions
  • Repair Part Scales
  • Complete Equipment Schedules
  • Functional and Performance Specifications
  • Integrated Logistic Support Concepts, Plans and Instructions
  • Integrated Logistic Support Concepts, Plans and Instructions
  • System Engineering and Test Engineering Management Plans
  • Hazard and Safety Analysis etc.

LSA has extensive experience in supplying codification and cataloguing services to industry and is currently the sole facilitator of Cataloguing and Codification training courses to the Department of Defence.

LSA is experienced in the use of Engineering/Logistic tools such as: WAT, DMS, OPUS 10, OMEGA PS, VMETRIC, CASA and EDCAS and Logistic Information Systems such as MILIS, FEDLOG, CAMM2, SLIMS, AMPS, NMCRL, CENCAT, and CDRMS.

LSA has extensive experience in providing technical author training and is currently the sole facilitator of author training for Land based technical publication (EMEI & UHB) authors.

LSA Technical Illustrators/Graphic Artists are very experienced practitioners with relevant tertiary qualifications such as a Diploma course in Art and Design (Graphic Design) as a minimum. They have broad experience across a wide range of applications including the following:

  • Graphic formats, conversions and applications
  • PC and Mac based illustrating and operating programs
  • CAD systems such as: AutoCAD, MicroStation, and Aegis[list_item]
  • PC based illustrating programmes such as: CorelDraw, and Adobe Illustrator
LSAust the home of S1000D
LSAust was engaged by Defence to develop a standard for the implement of S1000D within Australian Defence Fource. This standard applies layered business rules, to support the implementation of interactive electronic technical publications (IETP) within Defence to enable the effective management of a technologically advanced and complex equipment fleet. S1000D, is an international specification for technical publications using a common source database used for the procurement and production of technical publications used by Defence’s materiel capabilities and other industries.