Logistics Solutions Australasia

OWN A CAPABILITY, NOT A LIABILITY TELL ME MORE We can confidently bring to your organisation our proven track record in managing complex acquisition projects
using proven techniques and processes, which are both accountable and transparent to you.
And by keeping our overheads low, you get the best value for money from our services.
WE SPEAK DEFENCE TELL ME MORE Our core business is to support the acquisition of military equipment and systems through all phases of the capability life cycle.
Need assistance in understanding, planning and delivering within the Defence environment.
LSAust provides assistance to DEFENCE and Privet INDUSTRY to understand Australia’s most complex procurement environments.
LSA provides assistance to DEFENCE in maximising the capability DEFENCE INDUSTRY can deliver.


Welcome to Logistics Solutions Australasia

Logistic Solutions Australasia Pty Ltd (LSAust) is a Professional Service Provider (PSP) and Consultancy Company that has been providing innovative and professional support services to clients across a raft of industries including the Australian Defence Force and other government agencies since 1998.

LSA has a proven track record in provision of support services to a diverse range of complex, high value projects, applicable to the product (capability) life cycle. Our specialisation lies in the provision of professional and qualified practitioners to support technical equipment and systems through all phases of product (capability) life cycle, including concept, requirements, acquisition, in service and disposal phases.

Our mission is to provide ethical and professional service support in the delivery and sustainment of effective, efficient and valued capability to our clients.

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